Be the leader of your company.

Are you and your company losing valuable ressources deciding which disruptive technologies to incorporate? I help companies develop their strategy and operations so that they can remain market leaders.

Your company is too valuable to get left behind.

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Do you feel left alone in your decisions?

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Are you losing track of AI, Automation and Co.?

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Is your team's motivation at a low point?

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Are you taking too long to launch new products?

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Do you get "We've always done it this way" a lot?

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Are you lacking some inspiration for your next project?

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Invest in what really matters: Your People. Your Company. Your Success.

I help you optimize your company.

Because I care about you and your people.

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    I am a business owner myself and understand your pain.

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    As an active firefighter I know how it feels to be "on fire" for something.

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    Strategy is a matter for the boss. I support you while you make the important decisions.

How we work together

Step 1

Plan Project

A no-pressure talk on the phone or in person to get to know each other. We discuss your motivation, goals and planned project scope and can take further steps to get you on the road to success in no-time.


Step 2

Develop strategies

The list of promising disruptive technologies like Big Data, additive manufacturing or artificial intelligence is sheer endless. I help you and your company recognize the right trends and markets for your business model and create a strategy plan from it.

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Step 3

Lead the Change

A great strategy requires optimal processes. Bewtween agile principles, automation and data mining we adjust your processes so that you can spend your time and expertise on what you are best at: Develop outstanding products.

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