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It all begins with passion!

We are what we repeatedly do. Greatness then, is not an act, but a habit.

Will Durant

Mission Statement

Make people and companies more successful and agile by giving them practical tools to enhance project management, leadership qualities and motivation.

Interdisciplinary and Ambitious

Julius Launhardt (born 1993) is a founder, engineer, coach and owner of Launhardt Consulting. As an advocate of interdisciplinarity and agility he consults and supports people and companies in finding (more) success in applying these principles themselves. His main fields of expertise are agile project management & product developement, entrepreneurship and management consulting. He uses his research background in mechanical engineering and management, as well as his experience as an entrepreneur and founder to offer clients theoretically sound, tried and tested tools to optimize processes and meet the challenges of industry 4.0, globalization and digitization.

Coaching and consulting must be goal-oriented and lead to measurable results for the client. Therefore, he emphasizes honest, open and straightforward communication in all services. "Helping others help themselves" is his approach, as well as effectively conveying approaches and principles that lead to success for companies and people.

He sees himself as an expert for interdisciplinarity, at home in both the technical, as well as management level who understands the requirements also at their interface. At the same time he would like to be a motivator to inspire others to lead change even in difficult environments.

As an active member of the Munich Fire Brigade, he understands that only a functioning team and decisively acting executives can lead to success in difficult situations. These principles also inspire his coaching sessions, seminars and consulting services.

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Curriculum Vitae

Julius Launhardt grew up in Frankfurt am Main and went to school there and in the United States. In 2012 he began studying "Engineering Science" at the Technical University of Munich, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science. During this time he gained first experiences in entrepreneurship in two ventures emerging from programs of the UnternehmerTUM incubators . In addition, he studied and worked abroad in Spain and Morocco and represented the Munich School of Engineering in the student parliament.

While attending the master's program "Mechanical Engineering" with specialization on "aerospace" and "product development" he gained first experiences as the project manager of a phase-0 study on the Mars mission of the department of Aerospace Engineering. He subsequently obtained the certification as project manager of the GPM German Society for Project Management e.V.. During this time, he was project manager for the creation of a new business simulation for lean production at the Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management. At the UnternehmerTUM he was once again team lead for two ventures in the university's incubator program, one of which he is currently building up to a company in the food industry.

At the Laboratory for Product Development and Lightweight Design he led a student team as a Scrum Master and project manager during the development of a bionically inspired, automated banana peeling machine. Here he also developed the Agile Measurement Metric, which is used to quantify the adopted degree of agility in development teams in seminars and business practice. During the work on his master's thesis he was once again Scrum master and project manager of a bio-inspired development team to design a "sensing" robotic skin. Building on his previous research results, he developed the WAVE model, the first agile framework for bio-inspired hardware product development.

Since the topic of "management" has always been his area of ​​interest, he completed a second master’s degree in management at the TU Munich simultaneously to his engineering degree. In 2018 he founded the dive school Social Diving and in 2019 the dive travel agency and tour operator Premium Diving in addtion to operating the Scuba Tips online-platform.

When he is not working with clients or starting a new company you can often find him underwater, since diving with and without scuba is his favourite pastime. As a passionate musician he produces music and has been engaged in his commnunity since 2013 as an active member of the Munich Fire Brigade.

I do my best to help you succeed with an agile team!

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