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You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.

Galileo Galilei

Coaching to Success

I offer coaching on a variety of topics and situations: Project management, agile practices, Scrum, bio-insired design, as well as leadership and business strategy. Decisive for the success of any kind of coaching is that you trust me as your coach and are able to build up trust. Therefore, personal contact to you and your team is a priority and every coaching includes extensive preparation and review time of each session. Agility always lays the foundation for all interaction.

Confident in every regard

Coaching is particularily suitable for (prospective) executives and managers with responsibility for employees. As a firefighter and squad leader on active duty, I know from a multitude of extreme situations that only a reliable team and decisive leadership can bring success. I pass on my experiences in this regard to others during coaching sessions.

As a coach, I do not fall into the hierarchy of your respective corporate structure. This gives you the opportunity to work with me outside of your work environment to discuss freely, ask questions and apply new approaches. I stand by always being completely open and straightforward with my clients and, if necessary, "lay it on the line". I see my responsibility toward you in clear communication, asking potentially uncomfortable questions and giving food for thought. Always respectful and objective but aiming for maximzing value for you.

Why Agility?

Agility is a hollistic approach to develop products, solve problems and optimize processes. Nowadays, literature on the subject does exist and guides can also be found on the internet. However, actually adopting agile principles in organizations and renewing old structures cannot be learned from books. Here, you need practical expertise and know-how from which you can benefit in my personal coachings.

Agility can be applieds to all areas in your company and improve your work-flow and that of your employees substantially. Agile development is no longer relevant only to software companies or individual projects reserved instead Extremely efficient but applicable on any scale also in hardware and service-focused companies.

Personal Coaching

Personal 1-on-1 Coaching is a great way of getting intensive training in a particular topic. First, we get to know each other in an up-front talk and decide if we "click" on a personal level. Only then we can be sure that working together is mutually benefitial and serves a purpose.

If that's the case, we determine scope and goals of the coaching together and work towards achieving them step-by-step. Topics may include among others e.g. leadership, motivation, bio-inspired design, agile project management or dealing with stressful situations. Coaching sessions can take place at almost any location and are not limited to a pure business setting. Many people learn the best when they are at a location they enjoy immensely, such as nature.

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In-House Coaching

During In-House Coaching I visit you and your team in your company which saves you any travelling or leaving your usual working environment. Another great advantage is that we can include current projects, as well as your team in the sessions. This way you can apply all coaching results in practice immediately.

Whether leadership, Scrum, agile product development or management-consulting, In-House Coaching is applicable to any topic. Of course, discretion and integrity are my top priorities and any information will be kept confidential.

You determine duration and scope of every coaching yourself and I am happy to consult you in this regard.

Contact me, I am happy to advise you personally!

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Team Coaching

Agility focuses on the team and the inididual needs of its members. Team Coaching therefore puts the human factor above anything else. Besides a sound theoretical foundation we emphasize the adoption of agile processes in your organisation.

Joint workshops, coaching of teamwork and goal-oriented methodology are the cornerstones of our work together. Team coaching can also be supported by individual 1-on-1 sessions. With the help of the "Agile Measurement Metric" we quantify and visualize the degree the agility in your team from the beginning to the end of the coaching.

Teams can also profit from training principles of firefighters to cope with stress which makes this a highly requested topic for coachings.

Successful together!

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Remote Coaching

Busy schedules or geographical distance don't always allow for personal meetings. In this case I offer working together through remote coaching through video or phone. There are different platforms and technologies availble to make this happen at any time.

Remote choaching can also be used for for team coachings when members are located around the globe. Whatever the obstacle, we will find a way to make it work.

Remote 1-on-1 coachings can be scheduled any time and with very little logistical and organizational effort. Video coachings are also great for time critical projects that demand immediate consultation without long preparation.

Distance is no obstacle!

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