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Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

John F. Kennedy


Seminars can be organized in many different ways. First, you define the target group and location of an event. This can be a group of executives, a project team or an entire department at your company. In-house or at external venues, with five or fifty participants, half-day or over several days, all seminars will make your employees work more agile and efficient.

In the second step, you choose the topic and scope of the seminar, which may be chosen freely, as well. I offer seminars on various topics, some of which are listed on this page. If you are interested, inquire for your personal quote.

Clicking on the pictures or buttons will direct you to the pages of the respective seminars with a sample curriculum and other information. Please note that other topics are possible, but for the sake of clarity do not appear here.

Agility Made Easy

Your employees as well your entire company can benefit from a seminar on agility. Whether to apply the latest results from science and practice, to refresh methodology or get a different perspective, a seminar will help boost your creativity to complete any project.

Applying agile principles makes processes more efficient and allows faster reaction to change requests. At the same time, they will unfold your employees' potential to the fullest and allow each and everyone to shine in a project. By splitting the requirements into so-called"Backlogs" any project can be structured very intuitively. Time-boxed chunks of work, called "User Stories", make sure your team allocates working time optimally to those tasks that hold the highest priority for advancing the project progress.

Last but not least, agile Frameworks like Scrum offer unique ways for teams to structure projects and react to changing requirements and customer requests on the fly. At the same time you will notice a rise in work satisfaction of your most important asset: Your employees. Agility puts individuals above process-focus by using intuitive and easy to adapt methodology. Because a successful company inevitable comprises successful employees.

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Sticky notes with suggestions for process optimizations on Scrum Board

Agile Project Management Basics

Agility comes in many forms and this seminar will introduce you to the Agile Product Development Basics. Agile methodology is flexible and can be applied to a variety of industries, from software-development to designing complex hardware products or the service sector.

The learning goals for this seminar are to convey a good understanding of the advantages of agile processes as well as the underlying values of the Agile Manifesto to your team.

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Scrum Basics

Get to know the basics of Scrum, the most popular agile framework. Learn step by step what Scrum stands for, the roles in the Scrum team and how you can utilize its methodology to make your projects more efficient and agile.

During a simulation you get to apply Scrum in practice and work on a project together. This is an optimal approach for development teams looking for a way to optimize their processes.

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Procedural model of the Scrum framework and the roles of the Scrum team
Automated manufacturing of car chassis using robotics

Scrum in Hardware Product Development

While Scrum was originally used in software development, it offers great potential for hardware product design. Phase-0 studies, design projects or optimizing processes, Scrum in hardware development offers a chance for companies to stay above and beyond the competition.

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Advanced Agile Project Management

This seminar is aimed at agile teams looking for ways to improve their processes even further while applying latest findings from practice and research.

Advanced Backlog management, digitziation of processes and more efficient meetings are part of the curriculum. After the seminar the individual team members can receive further training in coaching sessions.

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Agile product development cycle

Innovative Bio-Inspired Solutions

Using bio-inspired design means working at the interface of nature and technology in order to design highly innovative products. Nature offers an inexhaustible supply of potential solutions to almost any technical questions that are waiting to be applied in your next project.

Bio-inspiration can be used as much or as little in the development cycle as you want. During the ideation step it allows you to craft creative solutions from nature in technical prototypes or to look for answers to technical questions in nature. During prototyping, bio-inspired design can serve as a model for MVPs and blueprints. When applied to existing products , on the other hand, nature holds serves as an inexhaustible source of clever optimization options to increase efficiency and to create leaner designs.

Take advantage of these opportunities to stand out from the competition with your products and services! Book a seminar now to learn effective methodology that will let you utilize the power of nature to its full potential in your next project.

DNA strands on dark background

Bio-Inspired Design

Bio-inspired design allows you to use principles from nature and biology in product design. By using scientifically sound, tried and tested methodology you will start to incorporate examples from nature in your thought process and develop prototypes and products this way.

This seminar is aimed at engineers, as well as designers, consultants and all other team members with or without technical background. All you need is imagination and a strong interest in finding innovative solutions.

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Agile Bio-Inspired Design

In this seminar we combine agile and bio-inspired methodology and principles. This way, you can use the best of both worlds to their full potential.

Adaptive Backlog Management, bio-inspiration in Scrum and advanced ideation techniques are part of the curriculum.

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Robotic wasp and real wasp facing each other.


Every company is only as good as the work of its employees. For a strong team you need team spirit, trust and especially fun working together. A team building seminar can improve these aspects considerably and establish healthy and successful working relationships.

Team building can yield positive results on work-flow and productivity at every stage of the collaboration. At the start of a project it helps your team to get to know each other and develop a positive attitude towards the upcoming tasks. After major changes in your department, on the other hand, it offers an opportunity for exchange between new and old team members. In other cases, it's just a great occasion to have fun together without thinking about deadlines, customer requests or the project progress.

Executives are advised to actively take part in team building measures and seek contact to their employees. This creates trust in each other and shows the human side among all professionalism.


"You cannot teach values, only live by them." This quote by Viktor Frankl (Austrian psychiatrist & author) illustrates what you will learn in a seminar on leadership. As a manager or executive, you are responsible for a number of things in your team and projetcs. You must be able to lead your employees confidently while keeping project progress and budget in mind.

As an active firefighter and squad leader, I know how it feels to be forced to make decisions under stress and with little to no time availble. In many cases, we might only have limited information available to us while our primary goal is to keep ourselves and our squad members safe and fulfill mission objectives. In order to stay calm in such extreme situations, we are trained to cope with stress different from the civilian population.

As a dive instructor with over 1300 dives in all kinds of waters around the world I am also well versed in clear communication and handling environments in which errors can have severe consequences. Learn from what I have been taught by many teachers myself and benefit from my experiences in leadership and communication. Enhance your role as a respected manager and executive and apply firefighter-practices to your business environment.

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