Advanced Agile Project Management

Revolutionize your agile approach

The description below serves as a sample curriculum only. Every seminar will be organized according to the wishes and requirements of the participants in order to maximize your success. In this gallery you can see some examplary impressions for the respective seminar:

Technical drawing of a transmission
Hand drawing technical drawing with a pen
View of the office of a team working with agile methods
Scrum simulation with LEGO bricks

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At a Glance


  • 1-2 Days


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  • Advanced


  • Application
  • Advanced Methodology


  • Any


  • Advanced PM
  • Methodology
  • Agile frameworks

Seminar Description

In this seminar you will learn advanced agile development techniques and innovative methodology. It is aimed at agile practicioners who would like to review their current approach and adapt to changing markets and technology. New frameworks emerge that can greatly speed up your workstream and make processes more efficient. Scrum is part of the curriculum, however, we will also explore other appraoches like WAVE, LeSS, Kanban, SAFe and many more.

To executives and top-level project managers, utilizing OKRs and similar approaches can revolutionize how you carry out quality planning and apply successful Silicon Valley techniques to your own business. Application and personal exchange are keys to advancing agile principles and we will spend a lot of time doing just that.

If you have been using agility on a team or project level, we will cover how to make agility a coporate-wide principle and apply it to all strategic, operative and administrative levels.

During the review you have the opportunity again to ask questions and compare traditional sequential with modern agile approaches. If I could already convince you of the agile way of working, we can now start planning further steps to implement agility in your company.

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