Bio-Inspired & Agile

The best of both worlds

The description below serves as a sample curriculum only. Every seminar will be organized according to the wishes and requirements of the participants in order to maximize your success. In this gallery you can see some examplary impressions for the respective seminar:

Team with notebooks at work
Scrum Backlogs on Scrum Board during Sprint Planning
View of the office of a team working with agile methods
Scrum simulation with LEGO bricks

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At a Glance


  • 1-2 Days


  • Variable


  • Advanced


  • Theory
  • Simulation
  • Practical Examples


  • 4-10


  • Agile PM
  • Scrum
  • Bio-Inspired Principles

Seminar Description

Agile and bio-inspired ("bionic") principles complement each other perfectly during product development. However, it is important to pick suitable methodology and keep the project management as lean as possible. This is the focus of this seminar aimed at Scrum Masters and Tech Leads on your team in particular who want to use both approaches.

After refreshing the theory on both subject areas, we go into detail on the use of bio-inspired methods during Sprints in Scrum or other agile procedural models. Bio-inspiration is great for ideation, as well as in the rapid prototyping. Therefore, we lay strong focus on these steps during the project.

In a simulation you and your team will work on a project together and apply what you just learned through all phases of Scrum. You will pick from a list of bio-inspired and agile methods to develop a product from ideation to MVP. All projects and case studies can be scaled up or down in complexity and time according to your requirements.

During the review you have the opportunity again to ask questions on the methodology and techniques we covered. If I could already convince you of the agile and bio-inspired principles, we can now start planning further steps to implement agility in your company.

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