Bio-Inspired Design

Use nature to your advantage

The description below serves as a sample curriculum only. Every seminar will be organized according to the wishes and requirements of the participants in order to maximize your success. In this gallery you can see some examplary impressions for the respective seminar:

Technical drawing of a transmission
Hand drawing technical drawing with a pen
View of the office of a team working with agile methods
Scrum simulation with LEGO bricks

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At a Glance


  • 1-2 Days


  • Variable


  • Beginner


  • Theory
  • Bio-Inspired Methodology
  • Practical Examples


  • Any


  • Bio-Inspired Design Basics
  • Bio-Inspired Methodology

Seminar Description

Nature has always been the best source of ideas. Nowhere else developers can find so much inspiration, effective sample solutions and diversity as everywhere around us. Countless innovations and technical solutions have directly or indirectly been inspired by nature and modified "bionically". In this seminar you will learn what "bio-inspired" means - and what not - and how you can use nature to your advantage to create innovative products.

The seminar begins with a theoretical introduction to the topic and a number of practical examples in which bio-inspiration has been applied directly and indirectly. Building on that you will learn specific methodology that can be applied at various points in the development process. InTop-Down approaches we improve existing technical solutions by transfering and integrating biological principles into them. In Bottom-Up , we abstract ideas from nature and transfer them into technical products.

Practical applicability is of great importance in product development. Therefore, we will work on a number of case studies in which you can directly bio-inspired methodology and principles. Since bio-inspired principles - like agility - can be applied as much or little as you wish, you may also combine what you learned with ideation techniques you already know. All projects and case studies can be scaled up or down in complexity and time according to your requirements.

During the review you have the opportunity again to ask questions. If I could already convince you of the bio-inspired way of working, we can now start planning further steps to implement this approach in your company.

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