Scrum Basics

With Scrum to more project success

The description below serves as a sample curriculum only. Every seminar will be organized according to the wishes and requirements of the participants in order to maximize your success. In this gallery you can see some examplary impressions for the respective seminar:

Team with notebooks at work
Scrum Backlogs on Scrum Board during Sprint Planning
View of the office of a team working with agile methods
Scrum simulation with LEGO bricks

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At a Glance


  • 1/2 Day


  • Variable


  • Beginner


  • Theory
  • Simulation
  • Practical Examples


  • 3-8


  • Agile PM
  • Scrum
  • Scrum-Roles

Seminar Description

In this seminar you will learn the basics of Scrum and get to know its methodology, procedural model and the Scrum roles. Scrum was originally a "framework" from software development, which has also found its way into many other areas and industries. Development teams, entire departments and companies alike can use "Scrum" and its variations to work more agile and efficiently.

After a theoretical introduction, we go into detail on the procedures of Scrum in project management. You will get to know the roles in the Scrum team and the concept of "Sprints". These are time-boxes work cycles to which you can allocate packages of work called "Backlogs" at will. This way teams can structure the project better and focus only on the most important tasks. We put special focus on efficient change management and how to involve customers effectively into the project progress.

In a simulation you and your team will work on a project together and apply what you just learned through all phases of Scrum. This way you will get to know the agile way of working using a practical example. All projects and case studies can be scaled up or down in complexity and time according to your requirements.

During the review you have the opportunity again to ask questions and compare traditional sequential approaches with modern Scrum. If I could already convince you of the agile way of working, we can now start planning further steps to implement Scrum in your company.

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