An overview of all Consulting and Coaching solutions.

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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams

An Overview of all services


The topics listed here depict an excerpt of my portfolio of services. As a generalist and advocate of interdisciplinarity I work at the interface between technology, management and marketing. Determined project management, as well as agile requirements engineering and change management lay the foundation for all subsequent steps.

In management consulting I combine rational-logical thinking as an engineer with sound management knowledge and a touch of idealism from my experience as an entrepreneur. This way, me and my clients can find solutions to a variety of problems and put the necessary actions in place to implement them.

Fire & Water

For the coaching of executives and leading managers, as well as engagements as a speaker I draw from my experiences as an active firefighter and over 1300 dives as a scuba-instructor. Decisive leadership, clear and structured communication and determined decision making are essential both in the water and in the fire. Executives can profit immensely from this knowledge, too.


Due to my expertise and research background on the topic, I help executives and team leads to implement agile principles in their companies. Agile project management allows teams to quickly react to rapidly changing requirements and increases their working efficiency.

Agility encompasses a vast range of methods and activities. Sometimes, standardized adoption approaches may lead to success, however, in most cases they have to be adjusted to the particular company structure and industry. Especially in the field of technical product development companies can benefit greatly from agility and sound knowledge of its principles should be part of the repertoire of every developer team.


Last but not least, I started specializing in bio-inspired design ever since university. Bio-inspired design enables you and your team to make use of nature in product development, optimization refinement. In coachings I teach highly-innovative methodology that will increase your range of potential solutions exponentially.

Unique & Innovative

If a desired service is not listed here, send me a message or give me a call in order to discuss the topic. To find new paths requires finding innovative solutions and that's what I stand for. If a topic does exceed my area of expertise I will inform you openly before any costs incur.